Water for Weight Loss: Why Should I be Drinking More Water?

Losing weight and finding a healthier version you isn’t always as complicated as you think. Actually, increasing your water intake is one of the easiest things you can do to aid your weight loss journey.

You’ve probably all heard about the weird and wonderful diets that are on the market, but when it comes to losing weight there is no quick or easy fix. Want to find out how you can lose weight effectively? Look no further than today’s blog post where we’re explaining why you need to drink water for weight loss.

Why drinking water helps you drop the pounds…

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You’ll stop drinking your calories

When you set a daily target for how much water you should be drinking, you’ll find that you have less of a desire to drink other drinks. If you’ve had enough water for the day, you won’t be as tempted to reach for a fizzy drink or fruit juice full of hidden sugars.

You’ll feel fuller

Here at exante, we always recommend drinking a big glass of water before any meal, particularly before having one of our meal replacement shakes. The extra fluid gives you a feeling of fullness and you’re less likely to overindulge- perfect for making healthier choices!

People often confuse thirst for hunger, so if you are feeling peckish, have a big glass of water first and give it 20 minutes to see if the hunger subsides. If not, then you know it’s your belly grumbling- remember,  you have to listen to your body!

You have more energy

Keeping your body hydrated is one of the easiest ways to increase energy levels and more energy means more fuel for your workouts (1)! Whether that’s a 20-minute walk or an hour in the gym, you need to make sure your body is hydrated and prepared to be put through its paces.

How much water should I drink?

So we know that drinking water is good, but how much should we be drinking? In the UK, we’re told to aim for around 6-8 glasses each day (2).  However, we suggest just a little bit more and recommend you drink up to 3 litres a day. Your body needs plenty of water because that’s what it’s primarily made of!

Delicious ways to enjoy water for weight loss

Lemon Water

Slice up a lemon and place a few pieces in your glass of water. This is a great way to enjoy a hot drink too! Lemon water aids digestion, cleanses your system and helps curb cravings due to the high fibre content in lemons.

Detox Water

There are a selection of recipes out there for detox water for weight loss. Lemon, a slice of cucumber or sprig of mint are a great way to make your water-drinking more exciting! Plus, they come with detoxifying benefits to help cleanse and soothe your body.

Drinking water improves your metabolism by flushing out the toxins that your body needs to eliminate and helps you balance your own blood sugar and cholesterol. Plus, it’s the cheapest and easiest option to support your weight loss goals.


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Amelia Dunn

Amelia Dunn

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