David Croteau

Start weight: 308 lbs

Finish weight: 168 lbs

Total weight loss: 65 lbs*

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I Didn't Recognize Myself in a Photo

David had a health scare one day when he was at the doctors: he was told if he didn't change his lifestyle he would run into serious health complications in about 10 years. But the health scare didn't scare him. He assumed everything would be okay: There would be a pill for that, right?

Luckily, shortly after David did get a wake-up call. He saw a photo and didn't recognize himself in it. David gained weight along with his wife during pregnancy and just kept gaining thereafter. He had become obese. Our shakes helped David lose 65 lbs and change his wardrobe! He enjoyed the great value and taste of the products.

What Rewarded David?

David is a numbers man and it was seeing the number on the scales go down that motivated him. Another moment David remembers after his incredible weight loss was at airport passport control when security didn't believe he was the person in the passport photo. That must have felt good!

*Testimonial from US customer based on transaction with exante US (previously IdealShape)
Diet plans followed may differ slightly to current US diet plans (i.e. name/servings qty)
Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.