Joe Deluca

Start weight: 248 lbs

Finish weight: 178 lbs

Total weight loss: 70 lbs*

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I Always Enjoyed Food Slightly More Than Others

Throughout Mark's life his weight was always fluctuating and it was at college that he started putting on weight. It hit him when a customer at his work asked "What's happened to you Mark? You've put on a lot of weight." It was a wake up call - he was 248 lbs: heavier than he had ever been.

He came across our meal replacement shakes but he didn't think they would fill him up - after he tried them he was pleasantly surprised. He now weighs 70 lbs less than when he started his weight loss journey and even weighs less than he ever has since high school.

What Rewarded Joe?

For Joe it was seeing the numbers go down and down that motivated him. But ultimately it was the feeling of happiness and comfort within himself that made Joe feel truly rewarded by his weight loss.

*Testimonial from US customer based on transaction with exante US (previously IdealShape)
Diet plans followed may differ slightly to current US diet plans (i.e. name/servings qty)
Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.