Julie Nesbit

Start weight: 215 lbs

Finish weight: 133 lbs

Total weight loss: 82 lbs*

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I Used To Comfort Eat as a Coping Mechanism

Julie Nesbit had to arrange a nice outfit for her graduation but it was an upsetting moment when she kept having to size up, and at that point she weight 215 lbs. She would try various diets and she would lose 15 or 20 lbs but then one day would come when she couldn’t handle the hunger any longer and she would start putting the weight back on.

Her downfall before was always her inability to be hungry, but our products stopped that being a problem. Due to the powerful hunger blocking ingredient, Slendesta, Julie didn't need to worry about the hunger pangs anymore!

I Had To Ask For The Cute Calvin Klein Dress in a Size 2

She started feeling happier in her new body. And then the day came where she went to the clothing store and she had to ask the shop assistant if they had the cute Calvin Klein dress available in a size 2. Julie lost a total of 82 lbs while using our products.

*Testimonial from US customer based on transaction with exante US (previously IdealShape)
Diet plans followed may differ slightly to current US diet plans (i.e. name/servings qty)
Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.