Kelly Smith

Start weight: 355 lbs

Finish weight: 167 lbs

Total weight loss: 188 lbs*

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Kelly is half the woman she was!

As the bigger kid, it didn't take much for Kelly to feel excluded. Her aha moment was when she was combing her hair one day and couldn't hold her arm up long enough to comb her hair. Many people don't understand how hard daily life is at that weight, Kelly explains the small things like, tying your shoe laces, becoming so difficult. Although she wanted to lose weight, Kelly didn't know how to go about it. 

Kelly came across our products and the appetite suppressant was key for her, and best of all - she loved the flavor of our shakes! 16 months later and Kelly had lost 188 lbs.

How has your life changed?

Kelly went parasailing for the first time at the beach, that was something she would have watched other people do in the past, and now that's her. She feels exhilarated to be experiencing life rather than standing in the shadows. She even loves hugging her son now because when she does her arms reach around him.

*Testimonial from US customer based on transaction with exante US (previously IdealShape)
Diet plans followed may differ slightly to current US diet plans (i.e. name/servings qty)
Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.