Vicky Liberty

Start weight: 268 lbs

Finish weight: 115 lbs

Total weight loss: 153 lbs* 

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I Felt Terrible on the Day of my Daughter's Graduation

After her third child Vicky put on a lot of weight. It was a viscous cycle: Vicky would noticed all the weight she had put on, then she'd feel bad about it, and this would lead to her comfort eating. At her daughter's graduation she was 268 lbs. She couldn't dress herself nicely for her daughter's special day and that was terribly upsetting for her.

In 2006 Vicky had a heart-attack when she was only 36, but she still struggled to find the motivation to lose the weight. Her cardiologist pushed her in the right direction. After a frank discussion with her doctor, she found us. 

How has your life changed?

VIcky's life changed and she lost 153 lbs. Vicky now feels amazing and lives a healthy life and enjoys being a grandmother. She runs, walks and takes care of herself - she describes herself as a totally different person to who she was before the weight loss. The main reason she is different is because of how much she loves herself now compared to before.

*Testimonial from US customer based on transaction with exante US (previously IdealShape)
Diet plans followed may differ slightly to current US diet plans (i.e. name/servings qty)
Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.