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The 14 Best Superfoods To Help Lose Weight


You might have heard about superfoods, and you probably know that you’re supposed to eat them. But do you know which the best superfoods are?

First, let’s figure out just what superfoods are.

Superfoods are fruits and veggies that are especially nutrient rich and beneficial to your health. They help to keep your body functioning properly, which can also mean more weight loss!

The Best Superfoods

Every nutritionist will probably tell you that different superfoods are better than others. But what are the best superfoods that can help to supercharge your weight loss?


Yeah, yeah… you’ve all heard about spinach plenty of times! But do you really know why this original super green is so important?

Spinach is richly dense with potassium, iron, calcium, folate, vitamin A, zinc, beta carotene, and manganese just to name a few! These nutrients promote healthy eyes, brain functions, maintains good blood pressure and strengthens muscles, fights inflammation, and boosts your metabolism.

Spinach can be added into a smoothie, eaten raw, or even sauteed into a dish. It’s really quite versatile!





I’m sure when you hear dandelion you’re probably thinking, “why would I want to eat a weed that grows in my yard?” But just wait until you hear how impactful this little yellow plant really is!

Dandelions are densely packed with nutrients such as calcium, and antioxidants like vitamin C and luteolin. They help to stimulate liver functions, lower blood pressure, aid in digestion, and even help to stabilize insulin. Not only that, it is a natural diuretic which helps with weight loss and fat loss!

The entire dandelion plant can be eaten, including the leaves and roots. It can be blended into a shake or a smoothie, the leaves and roots can be sauteed or chopped, the flower can be pressed and made into wine, and the entire plant can be dried and sprinkled into just about anything.

The taste is relatively bitter, so it can also be used to counter something that is too sweet. The possibilities are endless like a field full of dandelions!


Green Beans

Green Beans

While these beans are low in calories, have no fat and no cholesterol, they also offer a powerful dose of vitamins and minerals. A good serving of green beans will give you vitamins A, K, C, B6, and minerals such as calcium, potassium, and iron. They are also a great source of folic acid and fiber!

Adding green beans into your regular diet will give you so many health benefits including boosted weight loss from the fiber content, bone health, strengthened immune system, and they even help keep your eyes healthy! Green beans can be cooked, sauteed, added to casseroles, or eaten raw.



A plate of the best superfoods

There’s a reason kale is the king of the super greens! Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world! Yes, you read that right… in the world! A cup of raw kale (about 2.4 oz) contains minerals like magnesium, potassium, vitamins B6, A, K, C, and supplies the omega-3 fatty alpha linolenic acid. Talk about packing a punch!

Kale can be used in salads and many different dishes, and can even be baked as healthy chips! Not to mention you can add them into a smoothie, like this green smoothie with exante vanilla Shake.



Olives may be small, but they contain lots of health boosting nutrients! Antioxidants help strengthen your immune system and battle against inflammation, healthy monounsaturated fats boost healthy cholesterol and lower blood pressure, and fiber helps stimulate weight loss.

Adding some olives onto your healthy food list will benefit you and your body in so many ways! Plus they are so fun and easy to snack on, try eating a bowl of 10-12 olives next time you’re feeling snacky!


Wheat Grass

healthy green detox juice

Wheat grass contains a wide variety of valuable nutrients such antioxidants, vitamin C, and amino acids. However, the nutrient that stands out, and gives it such a right green color, is the amount of chlorophyll!

Yes, the thing you may remember learning about in high school biology is chlorophyll. But what you probably don’t know is that it is a necessity to your bodies to help cleanse and detox your livers, strengthen your blood against free radicals, and also boosts your energy!

You can get your wheat grass in several ways including pill or tablet form from the dried and ground powder, or the most common way is when it is juiced. So do yourself a favor and grab a shot of wheat-grass juice and cheers to your super green boosted health!


Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

I know brussels sprouts seem to be the arch enemy of most children at the dinner table! But they are low in fat and sodium, and high in vitamins and minerals such as fiber, calcium, potassium, and vitamins A & K, and more vitamin C than an orange!

Eating these sprouts will lower your cholesterol, boost your immune system, and can help reduce inflammation.



avocados cut in half

While most fruits are primarily carbohydrates, the avocado is rich with omega-3 fatty acids, which are the healthy fats. These are the fats that you need to eat to lose and maintain healthy weight. Seriously, eat healthy fat to lose fat guys!

These smooth super greens on average contain over twenty essential vitamins and minerals, as well as 2 grams of protein, and15 grams of those healthy fats. Not to mention there’s no sodium or cholesterol.

Avocados can be added in with your scrambled eggs, a fresh salad, or eaten smashed over a piece of whole wheat toast. Try putting some avocado into your next exante Shake too!




These strange, fuzzy little fruits may not seem that impactful on your health, but the juicy green centers are packed with essential nutrients that your body needs!

The super green centers of a kiwi offers incredibly high amounts of vitamin C, as well as other antioxidants and minerals that support a healthy immune system. Kiwis also contain serotonin, which is a sleep aid will help you sleep better and longer at night! Sleep is HUGE when it comes to being healthy and maintaining healthy weight loss!

Kiwis can be eaten by themselves, or toss them into a salad! They are definitely worth adding to your healthy food list!




Cucumbers are mostly made of water, 95.2 percent to be exact, which is fantastic to keep you hydrated and detox your body! They also contain potassium, flavonoids, vitamin K, are low in in calories and contain no sodium.

Cucumbers have incredible anti-aging properties, are rich in fiber and help with digestion, strengthen your bones, help reduce inflammation, and even support your heart health.

They are the perfect crunchy little snack you can eat with some hummus, or you can throw them into a salad or a smoothie!


Green Tea

Green Tea Powder

When it comes to green tea, Christopher Ochner, a research scientist in nutrition at the Icahn School of Medicine, says, “It’s the healthiest thing I can think of to drink.” It’s packed with antioxidants, helps to lower your blood sugar and blood pressure, and is a natural source for energy!

Not to mention, it is a great weight loss stimulant!




A lot of people just really don’t give broccoli enough credit. I constantly battle with my kids to get them to eat it! Yet, adults struggle choosing to eat this dark green vegetable sometimes too.

Broccoli is a super green because of its’ high content of fiber, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6, and antioxidants just to name a few! Seriously, there is so much packed into those crunchy little “mini-trees”, and they help your body in a number of ways including heart health and digestion.

Don’t forget to pencil in some broccoli onto your next healthy foods list, because your body will definitely thank you! Eat it raw and dip it into some ranch, add it to your salad, or even bake it!!


Bell Peppers

green bell pepper

Adding a 1 cup serving of green peppers will give you a number of vitamins and nutrients such as fiber and vitamins C and E. Also, each crunchy bite contains little calories and has no fat! Eating green peppers helps you maintain a healthy weight due to the fiber content, and also helps to strengthen your immune system to fight germs and bacteria.

So give green peppers the green light on your healthy food list, and add some to your next salad or stir fry today!


A Grocery List

To remind you to add these superfoods to your groceries, here’s my handy check list.

20 Superfoods Healthy Foods List


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