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No Whey! Why protein is your secret weight loss weapon this summer

We don’t know about you but, before we knew anything about whey protein, we were a little scared to incorporate it into our diets. Let’s face it, everything we hear about protein is always associated with weight and muscle gain, ‘bulking’ and gym bros, right? But what if we told you whey is your secret weapon for weight loss this summer?  

“No whey! Protein is the key to my weight loss?” 

YES! Now let’s find out how… 

What is whey protein?

Whey is a dairy protein (usually from cow’s milk) which is made during the process of cheese making. When cheese is made, another protein called casein is created which leaves a liquid and solid form. The solid form is curds, and the liquid is what we call whey.  

This ‘whey’ liquid protein is digested a lot quicker than any other type of protein, making it perfect to enjoy when you’re working out, or as a meal replacement (1). 

Does whey protein make you gain weight?

“I don’t want to eat too much protein because it’ll make me gain weight” 

We totally get it. It’s a very common misconception that whey protein can cause weight gain because of its association with muscle gain and bulking. In actual fact, it’s quite the opposite. Since protein is high in the amino acid leucine, it encourages the release of anabolic (muscle building) hormones which helps to preserve your muscles and aids fat loss.  

How can I use protein to lose weight?

If you want to use protein to lose weight opposed to bulking or building muscle, you need to opt for foods or meal replacements that are high in protein but low in calories. 

A great way to ensure you’re getting the right amount of protein without going wild on the calories is to opt for a high protein meal replacement shake instead. 

All our exante meal replacement shakes are a great way to lose weight because they’re low calorie but are still filled with protein & fibre and even come complete with 26 vitamins & minerals to support your body! 


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How much protein do I need?

The amount of protein you need to consume varies depending on your age, weight and how much exercise you usually do. The minimum recommended dietary allowance is 0.8g/kg of body weight (2).


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How can you eat more protein?   

Thanks to our handy shakes and meal replacements, protein is easier than ever to get in your diet! Our shakes are a great way to increase your protein intake without needing to consume too many calories- especially if you don’t have the time to cook!  

If you do have some extra time, why not try some of our yummy shake recipes- perfect for levelling up your meal replacement! 

Green Glow Protein Shake (18.2g protein)

  • x1 scoop Vanilla meal replacement shake 
  • x2 cups spinach 
  • x1 chopped apple 
  • 1tbsp nut butter 
  • x1 cup of milk  

Blend all the ingredients together with ice and enjoy!  

Choco Milk Protein Smoothie (13.9g protein)

  • x1 scoop Chocolate Mint meal replacement shake 
  • x1 cup milk  
  • ½ banana 
  • 3 dates  

Whizz all your ingredients together in a blender with ice and enjoy!  

We hope you’re feeling inspired to get summer ready with our top protein tips & tricks! Remember, we love to see your progress, recipes and pack hacks, so don’t forget to tag us in every step of the way on Instagram or Facebook.  

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