Our World’s First Meal Replacement just got JUICY

Are you feeling juicy? We have a NEW World’s First Juicy Clear Meal Replacement Shakes range for you to try made with clear whey protein! The perfect low-calorie refreshment and way to boost your protein intake on-the-go, a lighter version of a heavy shake. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack, it’s all up to you. Our exante JUICED is formulated using a unique blend of Slendesta and Digezyme for 3 + hours of hunger control and digestive health support. Not to forget, they are packed with 26 vitamins and minerals to deliver at least 25% of your daily recommended intake in just ONE serving, honestly amazing and never seen before…let’s read on to find out more! 

Meet the JUICED Meal Replacement range:

We have 3 new fruity flavors of clear meal replacement drinks to choose from, yes you heard us right? THREE! You have the choice of Tropical Mango Crush, Lemonade Push Pop and Sour Cherryade. Which one are you going to choose? Make 2022 your juiciest year yet. 

Tropical Mango Crush 

Truly the best way to brighten your day, add a tropical touch to your routine with our NEW Tropical Mango Crush JUICED. The perfect flavor of mango and coconut to help you reminisce about your favorite beach vacation, reading your book in the roaring sunshine to take you back during these cold, winter months. 

Lemonade Push Pop

Take a trip down memory lane and try our NEW Lemonade Push Pop JUICED. It’s so smooth, creamy and delicious…not to forget it only has 150 calories! With every sip, enjoy sweet and tangy citrus flavors and feed your body full of goodness. 

Sour Cherryade

Saving the best until last…get your sweet and sour burst with our NEW Sour Cherryade JUICED. The ultimate juicy refresher that’s only 160 calories!

Finding it hard to decide which one to try? Us too, they all sound too good! All flavors are available in both handy 14 serving size tubs AND sample sachets if you’re like us and are struggling to choose, try them all!

What are the benefits of exante JUICED?

Our delicious exante JUICED is not only super flavorsome but they are brimming with benefits too: 

  • A healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack to keep you on track of your healthy lifestyle goals 
  • Packed with 20g Protein
  • Contains 26 Vitamins & Minerals (25% of RDI) 
  • Good source of Fiber – your gut’s new BFF. 
  • Curbs hunger cravings 
  • 0g Sugar

PLUS it’s keto-friendly, it couldn’t get any better! 

How do I make an exante clear meal replacement shake?

We recommended simply adding 1.5 scoops of exante JUICED to 8oz cold water. Shake, shake, shake and leave to settle for a few minutes and there you go, it’s ready to enjoy!  For the ultimate thirst-quencher, try adding ice cubes for an even cooler treat.   

We would love to hear about your thoughts on our NEW JUICED flavors, so make sure you stay in touch via our Instagram or Facebook or BOTH! Want to let others know what you think and share your stories with our exante family too? Why not join our Facebook Closed Group.

Bethan Cummings

Bethan Cummings

Writer and expert

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