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4 Ways to Improve your Gut Health

You’ve probably heard the term ‘gut health’ everywhere recently, but what does it really mean? And what can you eat to improve your gut health?  

We take a deep dive into taking care of your gut, what diet you should follow and the best supplements to support you!  

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What is gut health? 

Put simply, your gut refers to your intestines, which houses millions of tiny organisms (microbiomes) that are responsible for digesting the food you eat, nutrient absorption and getting rid of waste.  

Your gut is the key to a healthy lifestyle, because with an unhealthy gut, the body struggles to get rid of wastes which can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as brain fog, diarrhea, constipation, gas and even joint pain!  

How can you optimize your health:

Change your diet: 

Nutrition plays a big role in improving gut health, choose meals that are high in fiber, because fiber helps waste move throughout the body and reduces constipation, bloating and gas.  

Struggling to fit fiber into your diet? We have the solution!  

Our meal replacement products are a high in fiber and packed with nutrients! Perfect for getting your fiber fix easily  

Reduce your stress

One of the biggest things that can impact your gut health, which people don’t often think of is stress! Longer periods of stress can damage your gut lining, which can affect how nutrients are absorbed and, in some cases, causes a condition called ‘leaky gut’. Stress hormones can also reshape the gut’s bacteria levels which leads to indigestion and constipation.  

Here are a few foods that can manage stress:   

How Food Can Relieve Stress


How Food Can Relieve Stress

2020-12-21 10:50:15By Molly Walsh

Get moving:

Exercise can be very helpful for improving your gut health, it can reduce inflammation, decrease stress and help with digestion and absorption of nutrients.  

Finding the right type of exercise that you enjoy and can be consistent doing is key, this can even include walking, cycling or even taking the stairs!  


Pre and probiotics are helpful bacteria that can help with digestion of nutrients in your body. Our Night-time immune supplements are the perfect solution to all your gut-related problems. Each supplement is packed with 32 Billion bacteria strains to boost the microbiome in your digestive system. We’ve also formulated our supplements to support your sleep and help you relax!  

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Amelia Dunn

Amelia Dunn

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