#ManifestMonday: How to have a positive mindset

This month is #MentalHealthAwarnessMonth but taking care of yourself isn’t just for this month. Prioritizing your wellbeing and keeping a positive mindset is so important to consider all year round.  

At exante HQ, we’re all about manifesting our goals and making our dreams become reality – the key to a positive mindset. #ManifestMonday is the perfect day to do just that! Honestly, there’s no better way to start your week.  

Read on to find out how you can get involved and manifest your healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals with us in the most positive way… 

Reflect and express gratitude  

Before you go to sleep, write down your thoughts, feelings, what you’re grateful for and the highlight of your day. It could be a few lines or a whole page; make this experience your own, as every day is different and that’s ok.  

Reflecting on your day and winding down before bed is a super easy way to fit manifesting into your relaxing night-time routine.  

Practice self-care  

When life gets in the way, we can often be hard on ourselves and our bodies. That’s why we should prioritize self-care, even if it’s a small walk after work or a refreshing face mask to avoid the Sunday scaries, a short activity goes a long way. Alternatively, you may want to try something new to reach out of your comfort zone, try meditation or yoga flow to relax and revive your energy – it’s an amazing combination of exercise and a mind refresh, especially if you’re struggling to find the time to practice self-care in your busy schedule.  

Set realistic goals  

It’s true, losing weight isn’t going to happen overnight! It’s important to set safe and steady goals to achieve a healthy lifestyle that is super simple to maintain. Need an extra helping hand? Find the right diet plan fit for you: 

exante Trim 

Is your BMI above 30 and you’re looking to lose weight? We’ve got you covered! Our exante Trim plan is a great solution which takes the stress out of planning your day and want to eat next. Enjoy 2 Meal Replacement Shakes a day PLUS 2 healthy meals, all from our delicious meal plan, designed to make you feel amazing from the inside out.  

exante Maintain 

Have you achieved your goal weight already and hold a BMI under 30? Awesome! We have something for you too. Try our exante Maintain diet plan to help you stay on track of your new healthy lifestyle. Enjoy 2 tasty Meal Replacement Shakes a day AND 3 healthy meals.  

Want to be a healthier you and not sure where to start? Try our easy and convenient Trial and Trim boxes today; including a variety of our best-selling Shakes and sugar free BOOST drinks to help you kick start your exante journey! Our products have been specially formulated to fit into your diet plan whether you’re looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

Be optimistic!  

And finally, be optimistic! It’s so easy to be negative if you’re not achieving what you want in a short time period, but these things take time. Now you’ve manifested and set your realistic goals, it’s time to be optimistic and shift positive mindset in the right direction, by focusing on personal growth instead of numbers on the scale. If we fall off track, we can always restart and learn from it. We’re here to help you on every step of the journey! 

If you’re ready to manifest your goals into reality and become the healthier version of yourself. Change up your mindset this #MindsetMay and follow us on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook to keep up to date, find new recipes, tips & more! Don’t forget to tag us in your progress on our social media using the hashtags #ManifestMonday and #MindsetMay. 

Bethan Cummings

Bethan Cummings

Writer and expert

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