9 Easy Self-Care Practices for a Better You

9 Easy Self-Care Practices for a Better You

These are some of my self-care practices. When I get into the rhythm of doing them consistently I have a much greater sense of calm and happiness. And despite many of these practices being very obvious and simple, it is often very easy to fall into a bad routine where all self-care slips away.


1. Read in the morning
I love to read in the morning, and I don’t always get to do it but I always feel great when I do. Sitting up in my bed with my book and a cup of coffee is my favorite way to start the day. It leaves you feeling calm and ready to take on the day.

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2. Make your bed
This one doesn’t need much explanation, but it is a little accomplishment to start everyday off and set the tone for a good day.

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3. Journal
Getting your thoughts on paper can be very cathartic and relieves you of those thoughts so that you can go forth with a clear head. You might enjoy writing down the worries or stresses that are playing on your mind. Or you might benefit from writing down things you are grateful for.

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4. Get some fresh air
A short walk or exercise outside is brilliant for both physical and mental health. You can find out more about the benefits of walking in our blog, here. Sometimes I will listen to a podcast – I enjoy comedy and educational ones, depending on my mood. It’s also lovely to walk without any noise and simply allow your thoughts to run wild – you might find the perfect solution to that problem that was nagging you for days. Because really, how often are we left alone with simply our thoughts and no distractions?

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5. Treat yourself to a nutritious lunch
It can be difficult to cook nutritious meals consistently but when we do treat our body to a nourishing plate of food we always feel grateful for it. Allow yourself the time to cook a delicious meal and play some music in the kitchen while your cooking.

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6. Clean something
There are always a few jobs around the house that are a little too tricky and as such we simply put them off. For example, I have an oven that needs some TLC, a chock-a-block fridge, and a spices cupboard in need of a clear out. But I intend to do one of these jobs this weekend when I have a moment, because the feeling of satisfaction after it’s been done is simply the best! You can make the job a little easier by playing some music or a podcast while you’re doing it.

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7. Dance to your favorite music
Doing this makes me feel like a kid again and sometimes I need to inject some of that child-like joy back in my life. My stage of choice is my kitchen, normally when I’m waiting for my dinner to finish cooking.

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8. Take a note of your screen-time
Writing down your screen-time at the end of each day is a great idea because it makes you more conscious of how much time you spend on your phone. If you’re anything like me your screen-time will probably be terribly embarrassing. I also like to track my mood alongside my screen-time, and I tend to notice that my mood deteriorates as my screen-time grows.

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9. Read before bed
This is one of the most important self-care practices for me. I struggle to sleep well and the main reason for that is often my tendency to scroll on my phone before bed. Unfortunately my phone is far more addicting than my book so I have to consciously reach for my book around 9:30pm and put my phone away. Reading before bed enables me to fall asleep easily and also grow my mind through reading books – a win-win!

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