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Why I Use a Fat Burner (And Why You Should Too)

Everyone at one point or another has something to “get ready for.”

Whether it’s a wedding, vacation, or reunion, I know that urgent feeling to look good.

The pressure is real! But what if we could just look and feel ready all the time?

The great news is we’ve got just the little helper you need to get you ready, so you can feel confident and “ready” all year round because there is always something to be ready for!

I’m going to tell you exactly how fat burners work and how to get the most out of them, but first, let’s talk about the benefits of fat burners and how they are going to help speed up your weight loss!

The Power of The Fat Burner

Fat burners are anything but new to the supplement world. They have been around for quite some time and have been studied and tested to be effective when it comes to burning fat.

Fat burners are supplements designed with certain ingredients to increase metabolism, provide energy, and increase the body’s ability to burn fat.

Fat burners work best with a healthy diet and regular exercise and are a powerful tool when it comes to weight loss. They supplement what you are already doing to lose fat and boost results.

Even though these descriptions are true, they aren’t that exciting. In fact, you can find this generalized description of fat burners almost anywhere on the internet and it’s about as interesting as watching Moana for the bajillionth time.

The exciting truth of the matter is fat burners do help your body burn fat, but that’s not all they can do!

They also solve other weight loss problems, and I’m going to show you how! These problems aren’t your average bumps in the road either, they are major if not the largest barricades to weight loss.

Let’s take a look at these barriers and see exactly how exante Burn is going to solve them and get you “ready” for anything.

Fat Burners Solve Weight Loss Problems

When people are going through a period of trying to lose weight, they will often encounter these issues:

  • Hunger
  • Energy Drops
  • Mood Swings

These are major barriers and too often they get in the way of weight loss. But NOT ANYMORE! Because that’s where the fat burner comes in.

Solving these major issues is where the exante fat burner, “Burn”, shines and where other fat burners fall short.


Hunger is a major problem when we are trying to lose weight. Because we are cutting calories and food, we often find ourselves with an increased desire to munch!

  • We want the bag of salty chips.
  • We want the 42oz Dr. Pepper.
  • A swimsuit isn’t worth this misery, we NEED ALL the chocolate!

There’s a popular saying going around that states, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”
Well I’m here to say that in intense moments of hunger, ANYTHING tastes better than what skinny feels.

Hunger is 100% the biggest barrier when it comes to weight loss. If you’re hungry you’re NOT going to stick to a healthy diet. You’ll overeat at a meal or snack too much, making it impossible to lose weight.

Why exante Burn can help: The caffeine as well as Thermodiamine in Burn acts as an appetite suppressant, helping you to ward off cravings and get hunger under control! The green tea in Burn improves leptin levels in the body, which means way less hunger. Leptin is what signals to your body that you are full. The ingredients in Burn literally speak to your body to signal you are full, so you don’t have to worry about hunger!

exante Burn

Lack of Energy:

Weight loss can be exhausting and takes hard work. It’s much more than physical effort. It can be emotionally draining as well.

As much as it would be nice to have limitless amounts of energy each day to handle these physical and emotional demands, this is rarely the case.

Low energy is far from polite and will show up uninvited at the most inconvenient times, like when we are trying to lose weight. Weight loss is tough work and, on top of that, we are all busy juggling kids, careers, hobbies and a million other demands!

Whatever the reason, low energy is never convenient and leaves us less motivated, with increased cravings, and feeling lazier than ever. Some days it’s really all you can do to keep your eyes open!

Lindsey workout in gym

With this lack of energy, our physical activity is going to drop drastically, and our desire to eat healthy will plummet, making it much harder to lose weight!

You need to keep your energy up to lose weight. There’s really no way around it! As much as we all wish, watching a few episodes of Gilmore Girls on the couch won’t burn any fat.

Why Burn can help: Caffeine is the ultimate energy booster. Just what you need to prevent crashes and keep you going. But caffeine isn’t the only ingredient that’s going to help with your weight loss efforts. Burn contains specific amino acids that help with energy levels and focus. You’ll never have to worry about massive energy drops, missing workouts, or lack of motivation, so you can keep working and keep losing weight!

Mood Swings:

We all experience bad moods. When trying to lose weight you’ll find yourself on the grumpy side a bit more often. I know I do! (Weight loss is hard!)

Even with hunger and energy under control, a sour mood can still be a major problem when it comes to weight loss. Of course none of us are perfect and everyone experiences bad moods, but these feelings can be magnified when on top of the stresses of life, we are trying to remold our bodies.

Bad moods derail weight loss by making us feel less motivated in our efforts and by increasing stress hormones that can cause our bodies to hold onto fat.

You all know what it’s like! You have a rough day and before you know it you’ve skipped the gym to post up on the couch with a pint of double chocolate brownie ice cream.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it gets worse.

Negative moods put stress on our relationships with our family members, friends, and co-workers. How many times have you said something you regret because of a bad mood?

To me there is nothing more heartbreaking than to see a relationship deteriorate because of harsh biting words said in a moment of weakness that can never be taken back.

Why exante Burn can help: Burn contains green tea, which is not only an energy booster but the ultimate mood enhancer. The properties in green tea stimulates the nervous system and trigger a mild release of dopamine, the hormone that improves mood. Green tea paired with other amino acids are going to lift your spirits and keep your weight loss journey a positive one!

Fat Burning Ingredients


I mentioned some of the main ingredients above, but I wanted you to get the full list and see how every ingredient is going to help you lose weight. Here are the powerful fat burning ingredients that make Burn the best fat burner for you. We wanted to make sure that you were getting nothing but the best!

Hunger Blockers:

  • Thermodiamine1

Thermodiamine comes from the “evodia rutaecarpa” fruit. This exotic fruit extract promotes fat oxidation (fat burning) and helps reduce appetite, making it an effective ingredient when it comes to controlling hunger!

  • Caffeine

Caffeine really does it all. IdealBurn has just the right amount of caffeine for controlling appetite, an energy boost, and pleasant mood. Caffeine also helps your body burn fat by signaling the release of fatty acids into the bloodstream.

Energy Lifters:

  • L-Tyrosine2

This amino acid helps balance mood and boosts alertness, so say goodbye to a foggy brain! When combined with caffeine (like in IdealBurn) it can has a powerful impact on reducing body fat.

  • Huperzine A Extract3

This extract comes from an exotic Chinese fruit. It is known to help with memory and focus, and it’s even being studied to improve Alzheimer’s disease.

  • L-Carnitine4

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that has been found to help the body use fat as a source of energy as well as possibly increase exercise performance by improving cognitive function.

Mood Lifters:

  • Green Tea Extract5

Green tea is known for a variety of benefits from better heart health to increased memory and as a weight loss aid. It’s especially effective for helping to settle those nerves, preventing emotional breakdowns.

  • Bioperine6

Bioperine is derived from black pepper and has several benefits including increased nutrient absorption and even some antidepressant qualities.

exante Burn only contains safe ingredients proven to aid in weight loss.

How To Use Fat Burners

I hope you guys are excited about fat burners, you should be! Just keep in mind it will take some work on your part.

Fat burners do solve some of the biggest problems to weight loss like hunger, poor mood, and lack of energy, but keep in mind that fat burners work their best when you are working your hardest.

This means being consistent with a healthy diet full of lean protein and veggies, exercising regularly, and getting proper sleep. The fat burner is going to make sticking with these fit habits a breeze and aid your body in melting fat.

If you’re a clean dieter and regular exerciser, it never hurts to have some extra help. Eating right and working out are my job, but I’ve seen how Burn can take my results to the next level!

We recommend taking our proven fat burner, Burn in the morning before breakfast and again before lunch. This will help keep your mood, energy, and hunger balanced and keep your body burning stubborn fat all day long!

You Need A Fat Burner

Lindsey Mathews

Anyone would benefit from a fat burner, especially if you want that extra weight loss boost just in time for your special event!

exante Burn is a perfect fat burner for you because:

  • You want long-term weight loss support.
  • You want to get rid of hunger.
  • You need to overcome a fat loss plateau.
  • You struggle with moodiness and low energy.

Burn is perfect whether you need to cut those last few pounds, or if you have 30 or more pounds to lose. Trust me when I say it’s going to jumpstart your way to a healthier weight and healthier life!

Wrapping It Up

It’s time to stop putting off your goals. Now is the time to jumpstart your weight loss by controlling your hunger, taking back your energy, and preventing mood swings.

I have experienced the power of Burn in my own results, and I know it will help you reach your weight loss goals, big or small.

This is why I take a fat burner, and why you should too! I can’t wait to see your awesome results!


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